Year 7 Catch Up – Spend and Impact

This year (2015/2016) we have received £1500 for our young people in year 7 who need to catch up in Maths and English as they are below level 4. We have 3 pupils in Year 7 and the breakdown of the money below shows how we have spent this money and the impact it has had.


Bespoke Spend

Total Cost


Total Cost

1 to 1 support

Total Cost


Total Cost

Ipad and
communication software – to support speech and language x 2


activities  supported by the intervention and outreach team



1 to 1 support in
class to work on reducing barriers to learning so pupils could access Maths
and English

(on going)


Pupils are using
Ipads and ‘proloqou to go’ software to access all areas of the curriculum.
They also uses this to support speech at home.

Speaking levels in
1 year

Start of year
– P6.69

Spring 2016 –

1-1 staffing to
reduce barriers to learning and access the curriculum


£1500 used from Y7
catch up