Learning is not a spectators sport so lets play

Our Aim:

• include everyone in all PE lessons
• promote friendships through play and games
• open doors to exciting opportunities

At Coppice School our values are based on including all learners in every lesson, providing the choice of a wide range of activities to stretch and challenge learners according to their needs and abilities, and to reward effort and participation as well as achievement.
We are working towards a future where sport and PE are as accessible, competitive and engaging as we can make them. We want to give every learner the opportunity to take part and compete in a full range of activities.


At present we offer:

– Daily Physical Development lessons.

KS1 and 2
– balls skills, OAA, gymnastics, dance, swimming in our school hydrotherapy pool, rebound therapy and horse riding

– Invasion Games, OAA, Dance, Gymnastics, athletics, outdoor gym, horse riding, rebound therapy and swimming at the local pool

– Invasion Games, OAA, Dance, Gymnastics, athletics, fitness training, climbing, outdoor gym, rebound therapy and swimming at the local pool

also complete their Duke of Edinburgh Award and KS4 are going to completing their Junior Sports Leadership Award this year.

Providing Opportunities

We enjoy entering different events through DISSPORT and are currently setting up a football team so that we can have some fixtures with other special schools.
Pupils also enjoy Zumba, ballet and street dance clubs with our specialist dance coach. We also have a football club that is run by an external coach and are looking to develop a rounders and cricket club this summer.