KS4 +KS5

KS4/5 Leader – Natalie Swearman

KS5 Manager – Tracey Senior


Throughout their school lives, each pupil has been learning and making progress in skills that are essential for their eventual transition into adulthood.  In KS4 and KS5, each pupil develops their own pathway to adulthood, continuing their journey from KS3 where a pupil centred plan has been developed for each individual concentrating on what is important for them, and the goals that they want to achieve over the coming few years. As a department we will then tailor a curriculum around each young person, pertinent to their needs, hopes and dreams.

As well as having a personalised curriculum, all pupils will take part in a broad and varied education based on the academic nature of the statutory national curriculum.  This is adapted as and when needed so that learning is differentiated and meaningful to each individual.

We recognise how vital it is for our pupils to grow holistically, socially, morally, spiritually and culturally, as part of their everyday learning. In addition to this, it is of paramount importance that pupils continue to develop skills that will prepare them for adult life. We facilitate this by providing a skills-based curriculum. In KS4 and KS5 we focus on four pathways to adulthood that promote skills for ‘Employment’, ‘Health’, ‘Community Inclusion’ and ‘Independent Living’.


Employment skills include learning about:

Jobs your family and friends do

Jobs in your community

Working indoors

Working outdoors

Equipment used at work

And experiencing having a job of their own.


Health skills include:

Being active

Healthy eating

Personal hygiene


Local health services

Choosing clothes


Community inclusion skills include learning about:

Places in your community

Help and support in your community

Clubs and events

Helping others

Travel and transport


Independent Living skills include:

Jobs you need to do at home

Using kitchen appliances

Making a drink or snack

Using technology



Some of our pupils will achieve accreditation awards in different areas, which can make them feel proud of their achievements, but also put them in good stead for further education opportunities and job prospects.


Our ultimate aim is for your child to develop into a happy, healthy, independent young person, who is able to be a part of their local community and make a contribution in a way that is meaningful to them. We will do our absolute best in helping each individual to achieve this.


This year we are working closely as a department, our pupils have joint Maths and English lessons, as well as ‘project afternoons’ and SMSC/SRE lessons together. Pupils will take part in varying forms of work experience, in a variety of different settings, and we will recognise their hard work through awards and celebrations. We will host lunchtime clubs and residential visits that cater for our student’s preferences and needs.

The pupils will have a huge input in developing our indoor learning environments, including mini libraries, computing suites and quiet work spaces. We will also develop our outdoor learning environments, we are currently in the process of developing our sensory garden and allotment area, and have had help from local businesses with this.

We aim to build closer links with our local community, including parents, carers and families of pupils at Coppice School. If you are interested in becoming a close knit member of our community, or want to know more about our department, please get in touch, as we would love to chat with you. We will reach for the stars in KS4 and 5, the sky is the limit!