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Pupils in Key Stage 3 are aged between 11 and 14 years of age. At Key Stage 3 pupils build on the work they have undertaken in Key Stage 2 to enhance their knowledge, skills and personal development.

The Curriculum in Key Stage 3 is now structured around the theme ‘Journey to Adulthood’ which sets the foundations for gaining skills and understanding about leaving school which is then developed further and more in-depth in Key Stage 4. We have appropriately named our 3 classes as Journey 1, Journey 2 and Journey 3.

There are four key areas of learning, Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Physical Needs and Independence, which are also the four areas for our IEP targets and that run throughout the Key Stage 3 curriculum.

In Key Stage 3 we offer the National Curriculum subjects which are differentiated to meet the needs of the pupils in that year. Pupils are taught in streamed groups for Math’s and English this allows the pupils to be challenged and to work at the appropriate level.

The other subjects are taught in mixed topic groups in a thematic context. The themes encompass effective content which is delivered in engaging and inspiring ways. Key Stage 3 uses the school allotment to grow a range of produce that can be used in cooking or to be sold as part of our enterprise projects.

Key Stage 3 runs a number of enterprise projects through the school year, including the school tuck shop. Key Stage 3 are also taking part in the Doncaster’s ‘Take over Challenge’ were the pupils will take over a job role once they have applied and had an interview for a job of their choice . This takes place within the school environment or in the local community.

We have a great plan for developing Key Stage 3 and its surrounding areas. We are currently building a sensory and nature garden around the Key Stage 3 classrooms that all pupils can have access to. There is going to be a kitchenette where pupils will be able to create their own meals, snacks and learn skills useful for independent living. There is also a café style computer area where pupils can learn computer skills and about e-safety.

There are 3 sensory rooms available to the pupils as well as the new upper school library and to keep our pupils fit and healthy an outside gym.