The pupils in Ks3 are now very successfully working and running the daily tuck shop. All our pupils have enjoyed this experience and look forward each week for their turn to sell our products to the staff and students at Coppice School. So Proud!


KS3 has enjoyed a trip to Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate this November, where pupils learnt about the gardens and the uses of willow. The pupils took part in a workshop learning to manipulate willow into stars. These new skills will be used at Christmas to make natural tree decorations as part of our enterprise.


As part of the SMSC our KS3 pupils have enjoyed taking part in Polish Day where pupils experienced using the different language, watching clips of Poland, and watching a cartoon in Polish. Some pupils went to visit an international supermarket looking for Polish foods which they bought and every one enjoyed taste testing these different and new foods. The pupils also had a Polish Bake Off. I was very proud of how the pupils used Google Translate app on the iPad to translate the Polish recipes. Brilliant!


The pupils in KS3 all went on a fantastic day to the Yorkshire Coal Mining Museum were we went down into the deep mine to experience one side of Victorian children’s life while we studied Victorians with our story A Christmas Carol.

I am so proud of the pupils in KS3, we went and sang at the Doncaster Frenshgate Centre and wowed the visitors there with our amazing carol singing.


I am so proud of our brilliant and talented KS3 pupils who performed brilliantly in our Christmas Carol production this December. Parents and staff had tears in their eyes at the pupils amazing singing and acting skills. Wow!


As part of Upper school we had 4 dance classes learning a Victorian ballroom dance which the pupils really enjoyed. We then preformed our dance for our parents at the Christmas upper school Victorian Ball afternoon. Amazing dancing!


Our pupils enjoyed a visit to the Doncaster ‘The Point’ where we watched a Makaton Singer from the ‘We Speak Music’ team. Some of our pupils will be taking part in workshops for the next half term (February to April) learning to sign with Matkaton. So exciting!


We celebrated Chinese New Year as part of our SMSC projects. The pupils cooked different Chinese dishes and they celebrated in style with a big party involving dragon making and dancing.


Ks3 had a fantastic afternoon learning a Brazilian Carnival Dance for our planned Carnival event in April. We had a special dance teacher into school, who taught pupils and staff the dance moves which we now practice every week to get ready for our celebration in April.


This January KS3 will be visiting the Butterfly House in Sheffield as part of our topic about the Brazilin Rainforest and its wildlife.

We also have celebration events planned for Pancake Day and Ash Wednesday this February.

In March some of KS3 are singing in a competition to the White Chappell music festival.