I am very proud and excited to be the new leader of Key Stage two, coming from Upper School.

There are five classes in this key stage and we have started to work together, working with children from different classes in English and Maths in the mornings and their own class groups in the afternoons. The children have managed these changes incredibly well.

Our topic this term is Minibeasts and what happens during the cold weather. The classes are looking forward to finding out lots of new information and taking part in lots of activities and visits outdoors
Last week was Road Dahl day. We looked at the story of James and the Giant Peach and had lots of fun at our peach party where everyone made something from peaches and we came together to share our products and socialise with each other which everyone enjoyed.

We will keep you updated with all the fabulous things our children do which make us all proud to be in such a wonderful learning environment.