In Key Stage 2 we work together to provide an exciting, engaging broad curriculum. This is underpinned by knowledge of each individual child and their specific needs, enabling them to learn and develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, culturally and spiritually. Children are encouraged to develop their independence, knowledge and social skills, building on the excellent foundations set in Key Stage 1

Our curriculum is based on topic themes with a new topic every term. English and Maths is taught as discreet lessons in different groups designed to meet individual and group needs. The other areas of the curriculum are taught in cross curricular strands of ‘Knowledge and Understanding’ and ‘Creative Arts’. PE and swimming are also discrete lessons every week

We use many different strategies to help your child to learn and communicate their wants, needs and wishes including Makaton signs and symbols, PECS, Ipads and Speech and Language strategies from the Speech and Language team.

There are five classes in Key Stage 2, each led by a teacher and supported by a team of Learning Assistants. Classrooms are designed with the purpose of meeting the individual need of the children.

This year we aim to:

• Develop the outdoor and shared areas to further engage the children and create more opportunities for them.
• Develop strategies through sensory therapy and interventions, looking at barriers to earning and ways of working with children to help them overcome their barriers and more fully engage in learning opportunities.
• Continue to work to improve our achievement in Speaking, enabling our children to communicate more effectively with their peers and adults.
• Work more practically in maths, with specific focus on using and applying maths, enabling our children to apply their skills and knowledge in practical , relevant and meaningful ways.
Our children learn more effectively through practical, hands on activities and we work together as a team to ensure that each child develops and progresses emotionally, socially, culturally sand cognitively.