Tracey Conlon

Tracey Conlon

We are privileged in EYFS and Key Stage One to be with your child at the start of their journey through school. We strive to provide an exciting and stimulating learning environment which takes into account children’s individual sensory needs, in which your child can thrive and develop. All activities are based on children’s individual needs and learning styles, with a strong emphasis on developing our young children’s communication, independence and social skills.

In EYFS / KS1 we aim to:
• Ensure a smooth transition into Coppice School from home / pre school setting
• Ensure we have a positive and effective partnership between staff and parents to ensure we provide the most effective provision for each child
• Ensure all our children reach their full potential in all areas of the curriculum
• Ensure each child is happy, stimulated and making progress

This year our current actions for further development in EYFS / KS1 are:
• To develop our shared area to make more specific, defined learning spaces
• To train staff to deliver specific interventions to promote communication and social skills
• To continue to improve our attainment in Shape space + measure and Using + Applying
• To develop our outdoor area to create even more opportunities for our children to learn outside

Children in EYFS / KS1 learn most effectively through play based, hands on activities and this is how we deliver our curriculum. We believe in developing the whole child and work hard to ensure each child progresses physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.